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1.    Instant Forex Profit
Value: $87

2.    Black Diamond Trader Forex V2
Value: $97

Value: $1,921

4.    Instant Buy Sell Signal
Value: $90

5.    Foolproof Quickie Trader
Value: $287

6.    ProFx 2.0 – Forex Day Trading Strategy
Value: $110

7.    gunner24 Software + Ebooks
Value: $399

8.    The World Best Forex System
Value: $70

Value: $73

10. Forex Sabotage - Massive, Realistic Profits… From 30 Minutes A Day
Value: $97

11. The Forex Loophole updated: Robot
Value: $77

12. V.4.0- An Automatic Trading Robot which can generate consistent profit every month!
Value: $99

13. Chaos Trader - Trading made simple
Value: $60

14. Seven Summits Trader
Value: $1100

15. Bronze Course | Spartan Trader FX Academy
Value: $97

16. Nial Fuller’s Price Action Forex Trading Course
Value: $337

17. BOSS Trading Method V2
Value: $197

18. FAP TURBO Flash
Value: $97

19. Forex Crescendo - Qualitative Quantitative Trading
Value: $149

20. Forex Morning Trade
Value: $97

21. Forex Armageddon - Forex Trading Manuals
Value: $77

22. Pips 4 Idiots
Value: $97

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                               I.            Ultimate Swing Trader System
Value: $497

                            II.            Purebeam: Decompile and protect MQL compiled files | Metatrader 4 EX4 decompiler
Value: $799

                         III.            Superfxrobot - Automated forex system
Value: $2000

                         IV.            Forex Taurus
Value: $699

                            V.            Market Mastery Protege Program
Value: $997

Total Value:  $4992

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